Modern science has defined life within certain criteria but, as we are finding, life may not be limited to physical forms. From collected first-hand encounters, a story has emerged behind the origins and abilities of several extraterrestrial entities.


AKA: Sphere Alliance

Origin: Unknown

Mythological References: Ancient Egypt (Ra, Thoth), Sumerian (Abgal), Hindu (Garuda)

Modes of Transportation: Spheres or at will travel

Physical Characteristics: Bird-headed with blue feathers but can appear as anything or remain unseen

Notable Abductees: Do not abduct humans; contact open and willing humans

Agenda: Teach humans that ascension occurs through peace, love, understanding and self-work

Communication: Telepathy; through dreamscapes; usually practice non-interference

Abilities: Telekinesis

Dimensional State: 6th to 9th

Status: Active on Earth


AKA: Reptoids, Dinosauroids, Lizardmen

Origin: Draco Star System

Mythological References: Chinese Dragon Kings, Islamic Jinn, Sumerian Anunnaki, Biblical Serpent

Mode of Transportation: Disc-shaped craft

Physical Characteristics: 6 to 8 feet tall, with snake-like heads, skin and eyes; brown, green, red and white skin, signifying rank; Webbed hands with three fingers and long, sharp talons; Attire includes cloaks or armor

Notable Researcher: David Icke

Agenda: Control other alien species including humans, forcibly taking resources and exerting control over civilizations; controlling the resources on planet Earth for their own benefit; DNA harvesting and manipulation

Communication: Psychic manipulation and through the astral plane or dreams

Abilities: Shapeshifting, screen memory implantation, control of human consciousness and emotions

Dimensional State: 4th and 5th

Status: Active on Earth


AKA: Greys, Roswell Grays, Zeta Reticulans

Origin: Zeta Reticuli

Mythological References: Fairies

Mode of Transportation: Saucer-shaped, triangular or spherical craft

Physical Characteristics: 3.5 feet tall with almond-shaped eyes and grey skin

Notable Abductees: Barney and Betty Hill, Whitley Strieber

Agenda: Unclear; cloning and genetic manipulation

Communication: Telepathy

Abilities: Mind control, highly intelligent

Dimensional State: 4th

Status: Active on Earth; well-known among humans after Roswell incident


AKA: Pleiadians, Space Brothers

Origin: Venus, Pleiades Star Cluster, Unknown

Mythological References: Hopi, References to Angels in Ancient Civilizations

Mode of Transportation: Spherical or cigar-shaped craft

Physical Characteristics: 5-7 feet tall with blonde to reddish hair and blue or green eyes; may not have irises, no sense of smell

Notable Abductees: Travis Walton, Billy Meier, George Adamski

Agenda: Share spiritual and emotional wisdom; encourage peace, harmony and stewardship of Earth

Communication: Telepathy and through dreams

Abilities: Advanced technological knowledge

Dimensional State: 4th and 5th

Status: Active on Earth


AKA: Insectoids, Mantids

Origin: Draco System, Early Intelligent Life on Earth

Mythological References: Native American and African folklore, notably the Khoisan tribe

Mode of Transportation: N/A

Physical Characteristics: 6-7 feet tall, with long, thin torsos; triangular heads; large, slanted eyes of deep brown to black; usually dark brown; bodies are composed of a segmented exoskeleton

Notable Contactees: Amariah

Agenda: Ranges from human protection to control of Earth; human DNA harvesting

Communication: Telepathy, interspecies clicking language

Abilities: Shape shifting, holographic projection, can induce paralysis

Dimensional State: N/A

Status: Active on Earth


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