Cosmic Connections

The Blue Avians have given us a message to be of service to one another to change humanity for the better. Connect with the cosmic community to begin shifting the world one person at a time, starting with yourself.


Let your creativity be a part of a greater story. Gaia’s Cosmic Disclosure Contest is designed to help you stay connected with the cosmic community. Join now to share your inspiration with us.


Based on Corey’s description of his contact with the Blue Avians, design your own version of what you believe they appear to look like. Be sure to preview the Meta-Bites video below for a more in-depth depiction of the aliens.

1. Enter your drawing* of the Blue Avians described in the video

2. To enter, post your picture to Instagram for Twitter using #CosmicDisclosureContest

*images must be original illustrations

The winner with the best depiction of the Blue Avians will be chosen by Corey himself and featured on Cosmic Disclosure!

Submit your Instagram handle to be eligible to win!

Must be 18 or older to enter. By submitting your handle you agree to Gaia’s Terms and Conditions



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